Glass Oaks

 Yet another Lynchburg band is making waves in the independent music scene. Glass Oaks, a soulful rock-n-roll band with an old-school vibe, recently released their very first studio project, which was recorded right here in Lynchburg, VA. The crowd-funded album ended up surpassing the $2500 goal by over $500, giving the band enough capital to turn their dream into reality. The four-member group (Joel Kaiser, Ben Anspach, Taylor Thompson, and Jonathan Smalt) met in April of 2012 while attending Liberty University; their convergence would end up leading to what is  now known as Glass Oaks. The band, which has been compared to the likes of Wilco and Radiohead, has big hopes for the future; they plan to play as many shows as they can in between work and school and get their EP out to as many people as possible. They'd even like to move to a larger music city in order to pursue their dreams on a bigger scale. Even though they're just getting started, the young group has already had their music played on a nationally syndicated radio program. - and they don't plan to stop there. One thing's for sure, though - they’re passionate about the music. As drummer Jonathan Smalt told me, “what we create musically as a band is what is most important.”

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Check them out and download their self-titled album - it's free!

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